Week 9: Home-made Gak

This week me and the boys attempted to make home-made gak!  I remember playing with this stuff when I was little and thought that they would have a blast with it.  I found a recipe for gak here!  My boys had a ton of fun dumping the bottles of glue into a bucket and then mixing in the liquid. 

We mixed and mixed, and finally ended up with this!
If you can't tell, I was a little bummed because the gak turned out kinda clumpy and the food coloring stained my hands blue.  I wonder if it was so clumpy because I didn't use the Elmer's brand of glue.  I just used the generic.  Anyways, We didn't end up playing with it!  I put it in a zip-lock and came back to it later.

I guess it needed some time to sit because when I came back to it, it looked just like it should!  That's when I pulled it out and let the boys have some fun! ; )

Have you ever attempted home-made gak!?  Did it work well for you!?

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