General Conference Activity

We LOVE General Conference and look forward to listening every 6 months.  If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you know what we are talking about.  This is a time when we have the opportunity to listen to our prophet, the 12 apostles and other general authorities in a worldwide conference.  General Conference is Saturday April 5 and Sunday April 6th, with two sessions each day, one starting at 10 A.M. and the other at 2 P.M.

Everyone is welcome to watch here.

We usually watch general conference at home over the internet. It can be a long 2 hours for our 3 year old so I put together a little activity to help keep her involved. My hope is to help her identify the prophet and the 12 apostles.  We usually hear from all 12 apostles except for 2 that usually speak during the priesthood session (Saturday night) so we will have 2 activities left over that we can do sometime between conference sessions.

Here is the activity I put together:

It's pretty simple, just a basket of different kinds of treats and activities that he can do while listening to conference.  I put a picture on each activity so he can watch to see who speaks and then find the activity/treat with their picture on it.  I put together 15 activities one for our prophet, his two councilors and the 12 apostles.

You can't see a lot of the things that I put in the basket because I wanted the focus to be on the prophet/apostles not on the activity.  Here is a list of what I  put in the basket:
Connect 4 game
Crayons and Coloring Book
brownie mix...to make during the session
Snickers candy bar
animal crackers
Magnetic doodle board
Chalk for our chalk board
Magnet Noah's ark tin
Fruit snacks
Quiet book

I used pictures from a quiet book I made awhile ago.
Heather put it together over at simply fresh designs.  You can get the templates for your personal use by visiting her site.

I love it because each page has a photo of the prophet along with facts about them.  I used these pages instead of pictures so we can learn about each one as part of the activity.

Enjoy General Conference and have a wonderful weekend!

Candy Bar Sayings

One of my favorite ways to send a little note is with a simple saying and candy.  For some reason candy and a note really does say a lot...even though it is such a simple thing and most of the time pretty cheesy.   

When it comes to little notes...lets just say I use them a lot but the thing I use them the very most for are to say: "I Love You," "Thank You," or for a special occasion like a birthday, father's day or valentine's day.

 So, because I love little notes and I especially love chocolate I decided to put together some printables for the things that I use them for the very most and to have them go with the candy I like the very most.  What candy do I like the most?  To sum it up...I really just like chocolate but lets get more specific:
100 Grand
Babe Ruth
Kit Kat
Milky Way
3 Musketeer's
Reese's Pieces

Alright, so I really didn't make these for me but I figure most people like chocolate right?

I have enjoyed having these tags on hand...it helps to have them around so when I want to do something for someone it really happens rather than me just thinking about doing something.

Feel free to use these printables for your own use. Because their are so many different tags and sayings I didn't put them all on one printable sheet. You can right click on the image you would like and put it into a word document and print the tags you would like to use or if you know what you would like to use the tags for you can download individual pages by clicking on the links below.
Love Note Candy Bar Printables
Thank You Candy Bar Printables
Birthday Candy Bar Printables

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100 Grand

 Baby Ruth


Kit Kat


Milky Way

3 Musketeers

Reese's Pieces



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