Bug Net Tutorial

Here is a very simple step by step tutorial for making your very own homemade bug net!

You will need:
half a yard of tulle or other mesh fabric
metal hanger
wooden dowel
needle and thread or sewing machine
floral stem wrap or electrical tape

The first step is to take the half yard of fabric and fold it in half . Next sew the bottom and open edge closed with a zigzag stitch. I used yellow thread so you could see the stitching better but you can use whatever you like.
Next you will fold the top part of the fabric over about 1 inch and sew all the way around using the same zigzag stitch. Leave just a small opening so there is enough room to put the wire into the sleeve. Now you are done sewing and the net part is complete. ; ) Good job so far!

Next take your metal hanger and bend it into a circle.

Guide the wire through the net all the way around. I put a little tape on the edge of the wire to prevent the wire from catching and ripping the fabric.

Pull the two ends of the wire together and twist to secure leaving enough of the wire to secure your handle.

Now wrap the ends of the wire around the wooden dowel and cover with tape to prevent any cuts.

That's it, you have a bug net!
Go catch some bugs and have fun together!

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  1. Cute! Where did you come up with this idea? I love it! :)



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