We had a lot of fun with our Bugs theme and actually spent a whole week on it.

Make some bug wings, see our tutorial here.

Make some Antenas, see our tutorial here.

Watch "A Bugs Life" together.

Make spiders out of pipe cleaners, see our tutorial here.

Buy a solar powered bug light and put it in the garden (we got this cheep because it's the end of garden season) my kids love watching it change colors at night!

Put a worm in a jar with dirt and then place a leaf on top and have your kids watch the worm come to the top of the jar to eat the leaf. This is a great way to teach your children about worms. My little boy loved this and wanted to carry the jar around all day!
What happens to worms in the winter? I had no idea...I figured they probably froze but wasn't sure. To view some fun facts click here.

Go to the library and check out some bug books or read some you already have. This is a great way to learn more about bugs!

Pull out the play-doe and re-create scenes from movies or books. Need a play-doe recipe? Click here.

Make caterpillars out of an egg carton. See our tutorial here.

Make a bug net and catch some critters together. Learn how to make your own bug net, see our tutorial here!

Swat those pesky flies. Make it a game and see who can get the most.
Use your leftover pumpkins to make giant bugs. This idea was inspired while at the pumpkin walk.

These are spiders made from smaller pumpkins, paint and pipe cleaners.

My husband knew it was BUG week and brought home this awesome looking bug. We let him go but it was really fun to see a different kind of bug that blended into the leaf so well.

Make Caterpillars by putting sliced bananas on a toothpick, a grape on the end and a pretzel stick cut in half for antennas.

Make these cute clothes pin butterflies and enjoy your favorite snack from a ziploc bag! (We used 1 pipe cleaner, 2 eyes, and a clothespin, the pipe cleaner is threaded through the hole in the clothespin...super easy!)

Make "Ants on a log" by putting peanut butter on a celery stick and raisins on top.

Make some yummy "Dirt Pudding." Click on the recipe to make it bigger.

Have your kids help make this snack with you, my little guy loved helping. He got pretty messy but we had lots of fun!

You can also make some friendly spiders. We made this with some things we had laying around...cookies, whip cream, fruit roll ups and M&Ms. (Frosting would have worked better.)

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