The Hanger Trick

I have read a ton of books on the best way to get organized. I love to organize and am told I re-organize way to often. Anyway, the one thing that I have learned through my reading is to try things quickly after learning about them...otherwise you'll forget. I tried this trick last time I cleaned out my closet and it made going through it this time so much easier. I was surprised at how many shirts I didn't wear...time to donate! Here is the hanger trick:
Next time you organize your closet (I try to do this at the beginning of each new season) hang items with the hook facing towards you. When you return worn or clean clothes to your closet, hang them the normal way with the hangers facing the wall. At the end of the season or next time you clean your closet you will know exactly what you wore and didn't wear and will have an easier time knowing what to donate.

Also, try not to hang sweaters. It's best to fold them to avoid stretching.


  1. Wow I am just so impressed that not only do you two do all of things but that you blog about it too! Crazy!!!

  2. I can't get my husband to get rid of shirts he NEVER wears until they are frayed or have holes. He has 5 white dress shirts and 5 blue shirts and a casual work place. THis will prove it to him!

  3. I hope that is helps...I think we have all been there. I still have a couple shirts from high school I keep saving and think I will wear but never do.

  4. Just a thought about this that was passed on to me by a great aunt who had a fire in her house and being the daughter of a volunteer firefighter (and having been one myself as well)-
    Is that if there were ever a fire (hopefully not!) it is better to have your hanger hooks facing away from you! Clothes are one of the most expensive things to replace! Of course with small children your clothes are likely going to be the last thing on your mind, but it makes it easy to grab them in a hurry. Also, opt for sturdier hangers rather than wire ones (I'm guilty, I like the wire ones best) it helps keep them from falling all over the place while you're carrying them.
    Like I mentioned before, probably not on your priority list, especially as long as the kids are in the house, but it is something to think about and keep in mind! :)

    I love this blog! You both have so many awesome ideas, I have only a seven month old daughter and feel like the house is chaos all the time!! I'm super excited to put all your tips and tricks to work! :)

    1. Oooooh! An idea to incorporate both!
      You could also continue doing this but keep your hangers grouped by direction! This way, the clothes you do wear frequently are already turned the 'right' way and you'll grab them so you're not stuck with the clothes you never wear! Brilliance! Hahahaha! :)



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