Here are a couple things we did this week:

~ Wrote a letter to a family member. We wrote a handwritten letter and then took it to the Post Office. My little guy loved carrying the letter and dropping it off :)

~ Made a short video and e-mailed it to grandparents/siblings.

~ Did something nice in secret for another family member.

~Took a new Family Picture.

~Made a Family Tree Filing Folder Game. As the kids Velcro the family members unto the tree have them say the names of the relative or friend. Here is what ours looks like!
Their are lots of file folder games at Mormon Chic. That's where we found the tree layout for this game. We just personalized it with real family pictures. ; )

~I thought this hand print idea was super cute, This idea is from The Naptime Decorator Blog.
Pinned Image

~ I loved this idea to help children get to know family members and what a fun way to play a game. I plan on doing this for a Christmas gift. Idea taken from Organic Families blog.

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  1. My word I am loving this Guess Who idea! That's a fantastic Christmas present! Mac might need a couple years to appreciate it, though.



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