Homemade Valentine Idea

This is my cute 4 year old!  He wanted Valentine's like this to hand our at preschool.  My cute sister in law made these for her son when he was 4 so we copied her!  Isn't it a cute idea!?

It's super easy to make these just take a picture like the one above.  Or get creative, maybe you want to be licking the sucker! ; )  We made a couple edits.  In ours I added his name, a valentines message and a heart boarder.  Then I sent the image to be printed as a 4x6 picture.  An hour later, I picked them up along with a bag of suckers.  We used a kitchen knife to make small slits above and below the hand and then slide the sucker into place.

Lets just say this little guy is excited to hand them out to his preschool class next week! ; )

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