Ocean Snacks

Making the snacks for our theme weeks is so fun and children LOVE it!

We made mini fish aquariums with candy fish and blue jello. So yummy and pretty too.

We also dyed raman noodles green to look like seaweed and served with a hot dog octopus.

We had lots of fun fishing. Just dab peanut butter on the end of a piece of celery and fish for the gold fish.

As you can tell, these kids LOVED this activity and snack!

We made grilled cheese and ate them with our tomato soup. We didn't have a cookie cutter or anything so we just cut this shape out.

Tomato soup with goldfish. You could add these to any soup to make a fun ocean meal/snack.

Here are some other snack ideas from other sites:

Fish Cupcakes from Cupcakes Take the Cake

Ocean Themed Lunch Box from $5 Dinners

Apricot Clown Fish from Family Fun

Pearl Bites from Family Fun

1 comment:

  1. Okay I love all of these!! So much that I may have to take a couple of weeks and spread it over just to get them all in! I love the celery and peanut butter fishing, I know a little boy that could do that all morning :)



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