Mother of the Year Poem

Mothers day is coming up and we have been thinking a lot about our mom and the wonderful person she is.  She is an amazing women!  She wrote the words below including the poem and we wanted to share it with you!  

Feel free to print the poem off to share with the women/mothers in your life. Don't forget to print one for you...as you are wonderful too!!

You can print it by right clicking on the picture/poem below and saving it to your computer then printing it.  You can also click here.

From our mom:

Sometimes, in the complexities of life, we lose sight of this perspective and start to feel the drudgeries and heaviness of family life.  I had a friend who was having one of “those days” and she confided in me that she was feeling overwhelmed and that all the little things that she did for her small children were underappreciated.  I told her, “I know the feeling.”  I have never had a baby sit up after I have changed a diaper and say, “Thank you, my dear mother, I feel so much better now.”  After our little talk, I went home and wrote my friend a poem. I also made her a corsage to go with the poem.  This is what it said:

I really believe that we are being applauded for the little things we do each day in our families.  I believe that the things that we do, that we feel don’t even matter, do matter and that we have a Father in Heaven who has entrusted us to watch over His children and that he is grateful for each little thing we do.   I think he notices when we cut the crusts off the peanut butter sandwiches and when we choose not to lose it when no one fesses up to the mud on the floor.  I believe he is proud of when we have a nurturing moment with our children or someone in need and I believe that he allows those who also have deep concern for us in eternity to also rejoice in their posterity.  I believe that he wants us to feel His appreciation and that it is available to us as often as we need it.  This is an often untapped source of happiness and satisfaction.  Every woman should know that she is doing a good job and that Heavenly Father is proud of her efforts because He is.

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