12 Week Training Schedule for Half Marathon

I don't consider myself to be a runner but after watching my husband run two marathons I was inspired to give it a try.  I started running on a regular basis about 6 months ago and have come a long way but still have a long way to go.  Next week I will start 12 week training to help me prepare for the half marathon. I signed up for a half marathon in February and love that it's given me a reason to keep going and training.  I will be running the half marathon August 25th. 

I plan to follow the schedule that I have created below to help prepare me for race day. If you are interested in using it you can download your own printable version by clicking here.

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  1. Anonymous9/27/2013

    Hi Heather and Holly, do you mind if I print this training schedule and put it on my wall? This looks like a good schedule for my husband and I. Also, we're looking into buying a treadmill to replace our frequent rainy day runs and was wondering if you have any experiences with this - livestrong treadmill brand? I've tried it in person and they're sturdy but would like an opinion from another fellow runner.

    Thanks =D



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