Simple & Fun Summer Activities

Ready or not summer is here!  I love summer time but always find myself feeling like I should do more of the simple and fun things with my kids.  So, for the month of June we are going to do 1 fun yet simple thing each day to make this summer memorable. I wanted to keep things simple because as I look back on my childhood it was the simple things that I really remember...the one on one time with family and friends. 

All 30 activities will be true summer activities that you and your kids can do together...we will save the rainy day activities for a future post. I plan to keep activities inexpensive and relatively easy to plan and carry out. 

Each day of the month I will post a new fun and simple summer activity. I will post them as their own post and link them back to this page.  

I hope you enjoy following along and make some lasting memories with your kiddos too!

Click on the pictures below to read more about each activity!


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