We love fishing but don't get to go real fishing very often.  My husband took my little guy and they had a ton of fun.

If real fishing isn't up your ally or if you don't currently have a license or fishing equipment don't feel like you have to go get it just give sock fishing a try! Sock fishing is inexpensive and and your kids will love it.  All you need is some socks, a couple magnets, a stick and some string.  

Put the magnets into the toe of the socks and lay them out on the floor behind something (we used a chair). Tie a ribbon/string to a stick and glue a magnet to the bottom and then fish away. 


  1. It’s really fun to go fishing with kids! My husband and I do it all the time with our kids. We let them explore the wonders of nature, and teach them both fishing and water safety at the same time. I believe, fishing is the perfect bonding time for us. ^__^

    Melanie Daryl

  2. Without a doubt, your son really loves fishing! He even has his own version of fishing rod and reel. Haha! That was very creative. Even if you’re not on the river, he can still perform various fishing quests. Take note, he can even do it inside your house. Cool kid! :D

    Bernita Sloan



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