#14- Lemonade

Have you ever had ice cold fresh squeezed Lemonade? How about Strawberry Lemonade?  It is so good!!!
Have you ever made it? If not you ought to give it a try this summer. I let my little guy help squeeze the lemons and he thought he was pretty sweet.  This can be a fun activity and a refreshing treat/drink!

Lemonade Recipe
1 Cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 6 lemons)
1 Cup sugar
2 Cups of ice cold water

Directions: Juice the lemons to make 1 cup juice. Mix juice, water and sugar in a large pitcher. Adjust water to taste.  Serve cold or over ice.  

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe
**To make a specialty lemonade you simply blend about a pint of fresh fruit of your choice and mix with the above recipe.


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