#12- Bubbles

We love bubbles! With two little ones we end up pulling out the bubbles at least every 3 days in the summer.  The kids love popping them and blowing them on their own.  My little boy is always telling me how he wants to make a "Giant bubble" and it gave me the idea to make some of our own bubbles and bubble wands so that we could make giant bubbles!

We made these Giant bubble wands following a tutorial we saw over at Design Dazzle.  Their is a great bubble recipe too that we altered a bit.

Giant Bubble Recipe
12 Cups of water
1 Cup dish soap (I used dawn)
1 Cup of corn syrup

Mix all ingredients in a large clean bowl, stir mixture, let sit for at least 1 hour.

Adding 2-3 oz of KY gel to the solution mixed with 1/2 cup of water helps make the bubbles last longer.
We bought some liquid KY gel from the dollar store and mixed it with our solution and it really does help.

**I prefer to use corn syrup over cornstarch because it doesn't settle to the bottom.

Have fun making your own bubbles!

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