Eating for Two

  We recently found out we are going to have another baby...this will be our third.  You think I would remember what foods to avoid while pregnant but I still find myself wondering about different things and trying to remember the list that was given to me years ago on what to avoid.  I am posting a list here so that I can have it for future use and so others can use it too, here it is:

We should avoid most of these foods due to bacteria, with the exception of fish, caffeine and alcohol. 
Don't Eat
Unwashed Vegtables: wash them first
Cold hot dogs, deli meats and smoked seafood: you can still eat these, just heat them up first
Raw meat, poultry, fish or shellfish: don't eat undercooked either
Raw egg: even in cookie dough
Soft cheeses: imported feta, brie, blue-cheese, these are made from unpasteurized milk.
Unpasteurized milk: most milk is pasterized , just be sure
Unpasteurized juice: cider
Fish with Mercury: shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish. Canned, chunk light tuna also has a low amount of mercury so eat sparingly.
Caffeine: fewer than 200 mg/day during pregnancy
Alcohol: no amount is safe during pregnancy

Their are lots of different foods that are good for us too. I have a hard time avoiding junk food when I am pregnant and so this is a good list for me of snacks to turn to instead of potato chips and french fries.

Do Eat
Oatmeal: packed with fiber, B-vitamins and iron. I like to eat this for breakfast as well as add it to my pancake mix.
Yogurt: packed with calcium, proteins, folic acid and helps prevent yeast infections. I eat this with oatmeal and fruit, I also add it to smoothies.
Lentils: packed with fiber, folic acid, protein, iron and vitamin B6. I love these in white chicken chili and taco soup.
Nuts/Almonds: full of minerals, protein and vitamin D. I love these for a quick snack, I also add them to salads.
Carrots: good source of fiber, packed with vitamin A, B6, C. This is another great snack...although I must confess I do add ranch.
Apples: another good source of fiber and vitamin A and C. This is one of my favorite snacks, especially cold...yum!
Eggs: packed with vitamins and minerals as well as protein. I love to eat eggs scrambles with a pinch of cheese, they are also great wrapped up in a tortilla or hard boiled and added to a salad.
Oranges: loaded with vitamin C. I am always getting sick while pregnant so these are great. (Want a good orange? Florida oranges have 3 times more vitamin C over mandarin, buy the heavy Florida oranges for a juicy treat.
Cottage Cheese: packed with lots of nutrients, calcium and protein.  I like cottage cheese with berries or mixed in with a red sauce. 
Broccoli: packed with calcium, folate, vitamin B6 and C. I like broccoli steamed with a dash of salt and pepper.  I also love peas.
Pretzels: these mostly keep me from potato chips, I am always wanting that extra salt:)

*Keep hands, counters, and cutting boards clean.
*Replace kitchen towels and sponges daily or pop them in the microwave or washer to keep bacteria count down.
*Don't eat foods that have been left out for more than 2 hours.
*Keep Fridge at 41 degrees and freezer at 0 degrees.


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