Week 2: Glow Stick Fun for the Kids!

This week me and my boys had some fun with glow sticks.  I was able to purchase a package of 12 at Michael's craft store for a dollar!  Here is a list of some fun ideas you can do with glow sticks and your kids!

Direct airplane traffic/traffic signals
Build shapes
Spin in circles fast
Make letters in the air or on the ground
Make jewelry and pretend to be kings and queens
Make a glow in the dark optical course
Use as lights
Sort by color
Make a big circle on the ground by attaching the glow sticks together and do the hokey pokey
Write names
Practice letter recognition
Hide and seek, (it's like a glowstick hunt)
Tape to black clothing and have a dance party
Practice counting
Make hand cuffs
Put glow sticks in the bathtub (my kids LOVE this)
Place inside balloons
Glow stick hopscotch
Glow in the dark bowling (put the glow sticks into pop bottles or water bottles and use at bowling pins)
Glow in the dark ring toss

I didn't snap any pictures of me and the boys playing this week but these pictures were taken the weekend we moved into our new place.  We had some friends over so their parents could have a date!  These kiddos played with the glow sticks for well over and hour and had SO much fun!

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