Documenting Pregnancy

Their are so many fun ways to document pregnancy, here are a few:

Surveys- How far along? Total weight gain/loss? Best Moments, Worst Moments. Movement? Food Cravings? Gender? Labor Signs?
Journal- Record your thoughts in a personal journal.
Write letters to baby- write a letter or a few to your unborn baby.
E-mail baby-great if you are always on the go.
Pregnancy Blog- either public or private.
Pictures- I have shared a few of my favorites.

Chalkboard Pictures

Picture in Same Outfit

Silhouette Picture

Fruit Sized Baby Pictures

Letter to Baby

1 comment:

  1. I documented my first pregnancy by a survey for every week. I had my own special pregnancy blog just for that. I mainly started it to keep my mom and sister-in-law up to date since they live out of state, but I also love to look back on it now!



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