Hygiene Day

I had a patient that shared with me how she keeps up with her 5 children's hygiene needs, she does what she calls a hygiene day.  Every Saturday she makes sure each child gets a really good bath.  She pulls out her little "tool kit" and goes to work clipping finger nails and toe nails, cleaning belly buttons, and ears, and making sure the little things that often get forgotten are done for each of her kids each week.  What a great idea, don't you think?  I have adopted the tradition! 
Click here for tips on clipping your squirmy worms little finger nails!

I absolutely love this idea. I have been doing hygiene days for about a year now.  When children are young their little nails seem to grow so fast.  In the past I didn't think about clipping nails unless my kids clawed themselves or if I saw dirt under them, now I just plan on 10 minutes a week to clip both of my boys nails and we stay on top of it!

What helps you to keep up with the little things?

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