Week 3: Play in the Snow

I can't believe it, next week is spring break for us and we just got tons of snow!  Me and the boys have been battling sickness after sickness this winter and haven't been able to get outside and enjoy the snow...until now!
We just moved into a new place and have an awesome sledding hill right out our back door, so we decided to make the most of the snow and have some fun! ; )  

Here is a list of things that you can do with your children in the snow!
~Go sledding, or tubing
~Take turns rolling down a hill
~Make a snow angel
~Have a snow ball fight
~Build a snow man 
~Build an igloo, or snow fort
~Build a snow castle (whip out those beach toys)
~Catch snowflakes on your tongue
~Ice cube scavenger hunt!  Make your own ice cubes with food coloring and water and hide them in the snow in a designated area and then search for them.
~Use spray bottles with water and a  food coloring mixture to spray on the snow
~Write in the snow and take a picture
~Shovel (let the kids help)

Don't forget to end your snow time with hot coco or cider!

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