Gender Reveal

I am excited to share some fun gender reveal ideas today. 

No, I won't be sharing what gender baby I will be having because I don't know. As many of you know I already have a boy (4) and girl (2) so my husband and I decided to keep the gender of this baby a surprise until it's born.  Yes, it has been hard not knowing especially after seeing so many cute ways to share the news with family and friends.

Balloons in a box: Fill a box with pink or blue balloons then open it to make the announcement.
Black balloon with confetti: fill a black balloon with pink or balloon confetti then POP it.

Room full of balloons: Fill a room with blue or pink balloons.

Picture with balloons: keep it simple by snapping a picture of you and your baby bump with either pink or blue balloons. 

Blow it up: Mom holds pink balloon, Dad holds blue...blow up the balloon that shows the gender of your baby.

Cut into a cake to revel

or bite into a cupcake

Unwrap a baby outfit in front of guests.

Have a child wear a shirt that says "excited to have a baby sister/brother."

Have family wear  pink or blue clothes to share the news. 

Take a picture of families feet with an extra pair of blue/pink shoes added to the picture.

Dress up an ultrasound

Take a picture with your baby/baby bump

Handout Hershey bars with either Hershey or Hershey showing. 

Dish up pink or blue ice cream for friends.

Share a photo like the one below.

Pinata Party
Break open a pinata filled with either pink or blue.

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