Preschool Zoo Wall

We are so excited to start our A-Z preschool zoo unit with our kids.  Both Holly and I have 3 year old boys and wanted to do an at home preschool unit with them before we enroll them in preschool next year.  My little boy is crazy about animals...especially zoo animals and so I have put together a preschool curriculum just for him.  I have spent tons of time thinking about how I want to do things and have created some fun handouts and gathered some fun ideas that I wanted to share.  Things are still being tweaked a bit so I will share things as they come. Today I wanted to share the A-Z Zoo Wall!

My plan is to give my preschooler an animal along with the letter that goes with it at the beginning of each week.  We will talk about the letter and the sound it makes and then have him hang it on the wall.  I think this will be a great way to learn the letters and the sound they make and also be a fun way to review the letters.  I hope that at the end of the unit (26 weeks) he will be able to recognize each letter and be able to recite the sound that goes with it.

I put this together using the Zoo Friends Bulletin Board Set purchased from Carson Dellosa along with some clipart images created by Dianne Hook purchased through DJ Inkers.  I also purchased some bulletin board letters and laminated everything.


  1. Heather, I hope you remember me, i just found your blog!! I love your preschool idea. I have an almost 3 year old, and he LOVES learning the alphabet, numbers, and anything else. We do our "learning time" most mornings. I really enjoyed looking through your blog, it looks like you and Holly have a ton of fun doing it together!! It's fun to see pictures of your families!!

  2. Lindsey, of course I remember you! I didn't know you had an almost 3 year old though...so much fun! I love that you do "learning time" with your little one, that's such a good idea. I will never forget study groups with ya, it's fun that we are both moms to little ones now...I bet we have just about as much fun helping them learn as we did studying together. ~Heather

  3. Hey Heather and Holly,
    I am also doing Letter of the Week with my 3-1/2 year old, and I LOVE this zoo on the wall. Want to make another one so I could buy it from you? :) Actually, I really am serious. Let me know.



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