Card Organization + Printables

Do you have 100's of cards but no place to put them?  

I had a huge box full of random cards, handouts and things that at one point I thought were worth keeping. I am not one to keep every card but I do keep the ones that mean something to me and I keep almost all of our Christmas cards because I love looking at them and seeing how family and friends lives have changed over the years.  I even keep close family and friends wedding announcements.  A lot of people would say just throw it all away and others might say keep it all. I keep what is meaningful to me.

Here is how I organize all of these cards, handouts and other things that are important to me! I love how organized they are and that they look good on the bookshelf.

I have a separate three ring binder for each member of our family. Their binder is meant to be just for them! It is full of birthday cards, thank you cards or other things that have been given to them that they want to keep.  Each person's binder has a cover sheet with their name on it and is full of page protectors to put stuff in.  

I also have a separate binder for Christmas cards & announcements!

I don't bother putting these in page protectors, I just put a whole punch in them and put them right into the binders. 

 I also have a binder for our family blog. I keep these pages in page protectors so my kids can look at em. (I recently started doing Shutterfly books instead of doing this but this worked for a long time.)

I also have binders for all of my Guitar Music, Handouts, and Family Home Evening lesson plans. One of my favorite binders is this quiet book! I made this quite book for my kids by printing out coloring pages (found online) and putting them in page protectors. In the front of the book I put a bag with dry erase markers.  They can color the pictures over and over again and I can change the pictures out too.

Here are the Printables! Enjoy!! 
To download simply right click on the image and click save image as. You can also download all of the images at one time by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day and good luck getting the things that mean something to you organized!


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your blog. I recently discovered it & have enjoyed reading many of the posts. It is such a pleasure to read about your ideas & I think it's very generous how you share things such as the printables. I hope the appreciative comments you get help you have a happy day :)

  2. Wow I just loved the hair styles of the little angels you have shown in the pictures; I like the different ponytail styles in this blog.Thanks




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