Decorative Yarn Balls

I LOVE creating new things!  I've always wanted these but never thought of making my own until recently. I was cleaning my boys room last week and found a huge bag full of plastic balls.  That's when I thought....huh, I bet I could use these to make some decorative yarn balls....and we did!  I really like how they turned out.
All you will need to make these is yarn, a ball (you can get Styrofoam balls at the dollar store) and a glue gun.  These are so easy......just hot glue the end to the ball to start off and wrap the yarn around the ball tightly until it is covered completely.  When you are happy with the way it looks then cut the yarn and hot glue the end.  I like to hide the end by tucking it underneath the yarn a bit.

When you are done making them, find a fun way to display them.  The pictures below show what I did.  I love the different textures and the different colors give me so many options for decorating.  I used the yellow, orange and white for Halloween and right now I've got the red, green, gray and white displayed to match my Christmas decor.  



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