Easy DIY Gingerbread Houses

Okay, so instead of the traditional recipe tonight, I thought I would share our family gingerbread houses and how we make them.  This is the easy way, so if you want fancy....this isn't it!  We started out with chocolate milk!  Chocolate milk??  Okay so really you just need the empty milk carton.  We rinsed out the cartons and let them dry and used that as our foundation.  The small gingerbread house below is an empty milk jug covered with frosting and then graham crackers covering it.  My husband got a little fancy with his...the mansion (as we call it)!  It has a milk jug under the crackers to make the entry way but the back part of the house has no real support.  It's just A LOT of frosting, crackers and some patience.  

Here is a picture of everything we used to make our gingerbread houses.  I wrapped a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil to use as a base.  For our frosting we just bought 2 cans of regular vanilla frosting from the store and spooned them into zip-lock bags.  I know you can make it, but we are keeping this EASY!  Anyway, to get the frosting out, just cut a small hole in a corner of the zip-lock and squeeze (make sure the bag is zipped tight).  Make sure to get a variety of candy for decorating!  

Personally, my favorite part of making gingerbread houses is the decorating!  Check out what me and my 3 year old made!  Easy enough, cover the crackers with frosting and stick the candy to it.

People have asked if you are supposed to eat these when you are done!  I don't know if you are supposed to or not, but we sure do!  It's the kids FAVORITE part! ; )  Have fun!


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