DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Back when we were in college, Heather and I worked at Kara's chocolate shop in the mall.  It gave us an opportunity to learn and practice making delicious treats.  One of the things that was most popular around Valentine's Day was the chocolate covered strawberries.  I was always shocked at how much they cost!  If I remember right it was just under $20 a pound.  You can make a lot on your own for less then $20.  Here's how:

You will need:
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Olive Oil

As you can see from the picture below, you can use chocolate chips or almond bark.  Both will work.

Wash off the strawberries and set on a clean towel to dry.  
Pour chocolate into small/medium glass mixing bowl.  
Microwave until nice and smooth checking and stirring every 30 seconds.  
The secret is to make sure it doesn't burn. ; )  
If the chocolate looks super thick try adding a small amount of oil and stirring to help thin it. 
Once you have nice smooth chocolate grab the dry strawberry by the stem and start dipping.
  Rotate until entire berry is covered.  
Shake softly to avoid excess chocolate.  
Set dipped berry into a cold glass plate.  Let cool.  
Once the chocolate has set, melt the opposite color chocolate and use a fork to drizzle the chocolate across the berry.  I have found that the drizzling usually works best with a small amount of chocolate on the fork and fast back and forth motions.  

Good Luck! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! ; )

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