Letter P (Penguin & Panda)

Books & Movies
Mr. Poppers Penguin

Footprint Penguin Craft Here

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins Here

Fun Facts
Penguins can't fly.

Penguins can see better underwater than on land.

A Panda's diet is 99% Bamboo...it doesn't hibernate like most bears because bamboo is available most of the year. 

Place a hand towel on a hard surface. Have your child stand on the hand towel and practice waddling like a penguin.

Coloring Page
 Flash Card
 Tracing Page
Penguin Lunch Here

Mini Penguins
 (Made from 1 large olive, 1 medium olive, and 1 carrot and stuffed with cream cheese)

Stack marshmallows up to look like an igloo then eat them. 

I'm a Little Penguin
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little penguin
black and white.
stout and fluffy
what a sight!

I can't fly
 but I love to swim
so I'll waddle to the water
and dive right in!

Tips to Teaching Letter P

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