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I wrote a whole separate post on how I meal plan here, it might help you understand why I created the dinner menu board the way I did. 

When it comes to meal planning I would encourage you to do what works for you!  We all have our own way of doing things and so please tweak your board to fit your family. I have included a full sheet of blank meal cards in the printable for this very purpose. 

Alright enough talk...lets get going. Here is my Dinner Menu Board:
How to Assemble Your Board!
Dinner Menu Printables
Cookie Sheet (Mine measures 11" X 17")
Sticky Note Pad
2 Strips of Magnetic tape
7 Circular Magnets
7 Pop Bottle Lids (found in scrappin section of craft store)
Clothespin (optional)
Rings/clips (to categorize menu cards)
Picture Hanging Strips (bought mine at wal-mart)
Hole punch

1-Print off dinner menu, trim edges and place in cookie sheet.
2-Cut out menu item tag, pocket and menu cards. Fold pocket on dotted line as pictured below.

3-Glue ribbon and pocket onto Menu and magnets to pop bottle tops. Also, stick magnetic tape to the back of sticky note pad. (I used my glue gun!)

4-Categorize menu cards, hole punch and place on rings.

5-Hang menu on wall using picture hanging strips.

Don't feel like doing all the work?
I first created this as a two sheet spread that could be printed off and laminated. I used a dry erase marker to write on it. If you are interested in printing one for yourself, here it is!

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  1. Hi! I would really like to print off your templates and make your menu board, but I am having trouble getting the templates to print. They open up in google docs, but they want to print the image very small and include all the white space and extra web info. Any tips on how to print these? Thanks!



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