2 Year Old's Favorite Activities

My little boys 3rd birthday is next week...where does the time go! Anywho, I wanted to have a special day with him. I got all of the housework done early and told him the morning was his/we could do whatever he wanted. I also got myself and the kids ready early with the thought he might want to go to McDonald's or visit a friend, or just get out of the house but that was not the case.

We spent the morning:
~ Playing Hide and Seek & Duck, duck goose
~ Dancing to music and singing songs
~ Creating animals with Play-doh
~ Playing a couple board games
~playing with cookie cutters
~ Watching a movie while sitting in a laundry basket
~ Coloring
~ Going on a walk
~ Reading Books
~ Playing with his toys (using our imaginations)
~Building a Fort
~ Going on blanket rides
He really just wanted to do the simple things that we do all the time. I loved the things he choose and it was a reminder of how much our children want us to spend time with them...at least at this age. It was also a reminder that the activities we do with them don't have to be thought out or different from the everyday routine to be fun. It really is the time we spend with them that makes the difference!

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