Phantom Energy

What is phantom energy?  
Did you know that many of the devices that you use every single day are using energy even when they are turned "off"?  Some of those things that were using energy even when I didn't think they were and taking money out of my pocket were:  my computer, laptop, t.v, wii, VCR (that's right we still have one), DVD player, radio/stereo, microwave, kitchen appliances, humidifier, cell phone chargers, digital cameras, power tools, and computer cords.
When I learned about phantom energy I decided that I wanted it to stop.  I went to the store and bought three power strips.  We have one in the study area, one behind the entertainment center in the living room, and one in the kitchen behind the stereo.  When these things aren't in use it makes it really easy to flip a switch and stop that energy from being used.  At night it's really easy to check and make sure, not only the appliances are turned off but that the power strip is off as well! ; ) 

I was a little hesitant and first but I did notice a difference in the utility bill this month.  Although it wasn't drastic...we did save some, and over a year it will add up.  Hope this helps.

What do you do to save energy or money in your home?

A fun way to keep track of what each cord is for. We just used bread bag ties and put them on each cord:)

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  1. That is really cool! I am going to start using those power strips. It is true. It does add up over time. Thanks so much for sharing!

    It's always good to save a little money!



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