We had a fun filled week with lots of cooking activities! Here are a few things we did: 
(Click on the links to read more about each activity or get your own recipe)

Had the kids help make popcorn and then watched Ratatouille.

Had homemade copycat foods from some of our favorite restaurants:
      Chicken Enchilada Soup from Chilies

Sewed some cooking hats and aprons for our kiddos.  Tutorial coming soon!

Let the kids help in the kitchen (Let them feel like they were REALLY helping)
-Let them stir
-Unwrap things and throw trash away
-Set the table
-Add ingredients
-Be the taste tester
Here is a really good link to cooking abilities of young children!

Had fun pretending to cook:
We had some yarn out and walked into the kitchen to find this...he said he was cooking noodles!
Mixing water and milk
Rolling out pizza dough with his "roller"
And Really Cooking:
Making a special treat...
then taking it to their Uncle/our brother for his birthday!
Making a mini Pizza!

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