Being a mom IS hard work!

Have you seen the attack on family and more specifically on stay-at-home mothers?  It's all over right now especially in the political campaigns.  To all you moms out there I say...keep up your hard work!

I have an amazing mother and to say she has never worked a day in her life would be very very wrong.  In fact my mother is one of the hardest working people that I know.  She is a wife, the mother to 10 children, a grandmother to 4, a song writer, an author, and plays many other roles.  Growing up she was always there for me and she continues to be.  She plays many roles in my life: mother, teacher, nurse, cook, chauffeur, cleaner, organizer, coach, artist, singer, entertainer, counselor, referee, clown, and most important friend.  Thank-you mom for all of your hard work, I didn't realize how much you did for me until I had children of my own!

Here is a picture of my family.  Heather and I are the oldest children of the 10.  My amazing mother is in the middle.

With that said, I'm so glad for the opportunity I have to be a mom!  It is hard work but I know it's the most IMPORTANT work I will ever do.  It's a 24 hour job, and I even work holidays! ; ) I hope that I can learn to balance everything and do as well as my mother does.  

Currently I work outside of the home 3 Fridays a month as a dental hygienist.  I always joke that those 3 Fridays a month are my days off since that is the time I am working and actually receiving visible and immediate compensation.  Even though my work as a mother is not rewarded with a paycheck, the compensation that I receive is even greater!  It's impossible to put a price tag on the memories and precious moments I have experienced with my family.

Here is a picture of my family!

Here is a picture of Heather's family!



  1. The greatest reward as a mother is when you see your children being even better parents than you were. I have witnessed that joy. Thanks for always being an ideal daughter! Love you, MOM

  2. I have been seeing a lot of talk about this and being a mom is definitely hard work. When I first became a stay at home mom, I felt like I had to come up with an excuse for why I wasn't working, but now I couldn't be happier with being a stay at home mom! I love it!

  3. Just found your blog via my mom's pinterest. Being a mom is hard work, but so worth it. I have 5 now, but my hubby and I hope our family will still grow. Keep up the great work!

  4. I just found your blog through pinterest and then recognized the picture of your family! I used to babysit you when you were little in Nebraska! The world just keeps getting smaller! Tell your Mom high from Stacey Randall. Cute blog too!



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