Chicken Fiesta Salad, Soft Tacos and Quesadilla

We love Mexican food but we don't all like the same dish so often times I make the preparations and then we each make our favorite dish.   I love the salad, my husband loves the tacos and the kids love the quesadillas and they are all made with a few simple ingredients!

Chicken, grilled and shredded

All with sides of sour cream and salsa

*We really enjoy the uncooked tortillas! If you don't know what I am talking about ask your local grocery store.  You heat them up over the stove...they are so good!

This fiesta salad is supper yummy!  I prepare the salad and then top it with shredded chicken, corn, cheese and tortilla strips. (I make my tortilla strips from a tortilla, you can also buy them)

The taco is loaded with shredded chicken with some cheese and salad.

This quesadilla is really good too, its loaded with shredded chicken and cheese. 


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