Family Picture Collage!

Heather and I have been busy, reorganizing this blog.  Has anyone noticed?  If you have logged in and noticed things everywhere....that's why! ; )  

I love the FALL time.... especially days like today!  It was crisp, sunny and just plain beautiful.  The trees are changing so quickly and I feel like each time I walk by the window or step outside I need to capture the moment and colors before its gone.

Another thing that I love is my FAMILY!  So, when you put those two loves together this is what you get!
My friend Nicole took these for us!  I love the colors and i'm so happy to have captured these!  I made the collage to fit a big 20x24 inch frame in my living room so we can have fall all winter long!  Okay, so maybe not really, but it's the best we can get.  Go grab some pictures with your loved ones before the colors are gone.

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