Halloween Drink

 We loved the whole layering idea with drinks that we did for 4th of July and decided to give it a try for Halloween too.  We wanted something that layered well but also tasted good.  This is what we came up with.  It really did layer well and it tasted great too.  Once the ice started to melt the drink colors start to mix a bit looking like slim...your kids will love this!

We filled a glass with ice and then poured about 1/3 cup of each drink in the following order:
1-Kiwi Strawberry Punch (Green on Bottom)
2- Orange Gatorade/Powerade (Orange in Middle)
3- Zero Sprite (Clear on Top)

This picture was taken almost 10 minutes after we pored it...it stayed in it's layers really well.

You could do this with other drinks too. The drink with the highest sugar content will sink and the drink with the least will float.  You do have to have the ice for it to work because it keeps the different drinks from mixing...you also need to pour the drink with the highest sugar content in first and then pour the others straight onto the ice to keep the different drinks from mixing. 

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