General Conference Activities for the Kids!

Many of our readers belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and are Mormons.  If you are one of those readers then this post is for you! ; )  For those of you that aren't this post might not be as helpful, but if you want to know more feel free to find out more here or leave a comment!

General Conference is coming up!  I can't wait to hear words from our living prophet!  Sometimes it can be hard to REALLY listen and pay attention with my two young boys and such short attention spans.  If you feel the same way then check out some of these ideas to keep the kids happy and attentive!  Hopefully it works! ; )

Lds.org has some really awesome Activities for Children.  They have done all the work for us!  Check out the link for coloring pages, pages to take notes, and conference squares.  I LOVE it when all I have to do is print and go!

Last year Heather posted about an activity basket she prepared.  You can view the full post here.  This is what it looks like! ; )

My game plan this year if very similar!  I have just regular brown paper bags (I know not fancy or pretty, but it gets the job done) that I will fill with a single item.  Some of the items I plan to put in the bags are:
Silly Putty
Coloring Pages (thanks lds.org)
Pom poms
Toy car
candy necklace
lacing cards (and other busy bag activities
Candy (lots of it)
Healthy Snacks like string cheese, crackers, yogurt, fresh raspberries (these are my 3 year olds absolute favorite!  Since some of these will need to be kept in the fridge or freezer I will just place a note in the bag instead of the item.   

On each bag I will place ONE picture (see below).  Each bag will be placed across my entertainment center, and when a new person gets up to talk my boys can search for the right face (find a match) and get a treat or activity to keep them busy while listening to the talks.
I realize that their will be speakers that I do not have pictured below.  We usually get to hear from members of the 70 and General Presidencies.  So during those talks my boys can use some of the other resources I've shared with you!

I have created this sheet if you want a fast and easy way to print everything on only one page!

Click here to download in a PDF format.

Once you print the page above just cut out and staple to brown paper bags.  Simple enough right?  Here is what mine look like.

I would love to hear any other ideas you may have! ; )

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