Letter E (Elephant)

Books & Movies
Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss
Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss
I am an Elephant by Aaron Carr
I Love my Mama by Peter Kavanagh
I've Got an Elephant by Anne Ginkel

Jungle Book

Handprint elephant

Make an elephant mask, you can print the one below and find instructions at Ziggity Zoom
Make a paper plate elephant, for instructions visit Click A Craft

Fun Facts
Elephants are the biggest animals that live on land.

Elephants live in Africa and Asia.

Elephants use their nose/trunk as an arm.

Elephants skin can be up to 1 inch thick.

Baby elephants are called calf's and weigh about 260 pounds when they are born.

Elephants eat about 300 pounds of food everyday. (That would feed a person for more than 2 months.)

Elephants drink a bathtub full (35 gallons) of water everyday.  They can hold 3 gallons of water in their  trunk.

Do finger play with songs.

Coloring Page (8 x 10)
Flash Card (4 x 6)
Tracing Pages (8 x 10)

Peanuts (just like elephants)

Circus Elephant (finger play)
A Circus elephant I went to see (Hold hand over eyes like binoculars)
He had four legs and was bigger than me. (Hold up four fingers and then point to self)
He had two ears big and round (Show two fingers and make a circle with hands)
And one long nose that made a sound errrrr (Make elephant trunk with arm)

The Elephant (with actions)
The elephant goes like this and that, this and that, this and that.
(Walk heavily and stomp feet loudly) 
The elephant goes like this and that, cause he's so big and fat! 
(Puff up cheeks and stretch out arms) 

He has no fingers and has no toes, He has no fingers and has no toes. 
(Wiggle fingers; wiggle toes) 
He has no fingers and has no toes, But goodness, gracious, what a nose! 
(Stick arms out like a long trunk.) 

Tips for Teaching Letter E
Letter E makes 2 sounds Eh for elephant and E just like is't name.

Theme of the Week
This week we talked about opposites. We out a whole bunch of printouts of different animals from this packet on the floor and asked my preschooler questions.

I asked:
 Which animal is the smallest/biggest?
Which animal is the shortest/tallest?

I also had my preschooler move the animals around.

inside/outside the cage
above/below a tree

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