Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

My four year old really enjoyed his dinosaur themed birthday party! We tried to keep his party simple and fun for the kids his age. We had some fun dinosaur themed decorations, treats and games. 

Free Dinosaur Printables
I printed the cute birthday banner, tags and cupcake toppers using the free dinosaur party pack over at Smitten Blog Designs.

Dinosaur Cake
Here is the cake I put together.  I made a two layer cake with green frosting in the center and brown chocolate frosting on top. I added a few dino toys and chocolate rocks around the edge. I also made some cupcakes and topped them with dino toys and cupcake toppers. We had the cupcakes with his friends and then cut into the cake in the evening and enjoyed it with our extended family.

I tried to keep the treats simple for four year old kids...we had a lot of finger foods.

Dinosour Treats
Dino Tongues: red licorice
Dino Scales: potato chips
Dino Claws: bugles
Dino Bones: pretzels with marshmallows on the end and dipped in white chocolate
Herbivore Food: carrot and celery cups served with ranch dressing

Dinosaur Decorations
The kids loved the dino tail balloons. I simply tapped 4 triangle pieces of paper to the back of a balloon and hung it from the ceiling.

We also had dino foot prints leading up to the doorstep.

Dino Games
Dino Dig: We hide a bunch of dinosaur toys in the sandbox and let the kids dig for them. I originally wanted to hide dinosaur bones/fossils in the sandbox and have them uncover them with paintbrushes but I couldn't find bones. The kids loved this!

Hunt for Dino Eggs: I made some dino eggs using the recipe found here. (If you are doing this you will want to do it ahead of time...it took the eggs about 4 days to dry.)  The eggs have dino toys in the middle. 

Dino Egg Hatch: I filled up a ton of white balloons with candy...enough to fill up a room. I then gave the kids a toothpick and told them to help hatch the dinosaur eggs. This was their favorite game!  If you have a lot of people you could put the balloons into nests and divide the kids into teams then make it a race to see who can hatch the eggs first. 

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