Week 8: Basketball Kid Style

This week me and my boys played basketball together.  We have a little tikes basketball hoop that we used to play. We would stand a few feet back and say things like, "If I make this shot then....."!  We had a ton of fun! 

In the past we have used old newspaper or mail from the recycle bin and crumpled it up to use as our ball.  Then for our hoop we would use a garbage can or bucket.  The kids loved this as well.  

Some other options would be to go to your local gym and play some basketball together.  Our YMCA has a mini hoop for the kids.  Maybe yours does too!  If you have older kids most parks have hoops that you can play at.  We have done that but since my boys are only 3 and 1 they get frustrated with such high hoops. ; )

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