Party Planning Tips

We are not professional party planners but have planned a lot of parties and get togethers for our kids and other family members and friends.  We wanted to share a few things we have learned when it comes to throwing parties and some links that we have used to help us in our planning. Here are a few of our party planning tips:

1. Plan Ahead: When planning parties it really does help to plan ahead especially when you are party planning with young kids. Planning ahead helps relieve unwanted stress and helps keep things organized. 

Childhood 101 created this fun and bright party plan printable to help you plan your next party. 

2. Research: Once you have picked a theme go crazy searching for ideas. Use Pintrest, Google, party planning blogs and ask family & friends for ideas. Look for fun decoration ideas, treats, games and anything else you might want to have at your party. I really go crazy with this step...I tell myself I have 1 hour for this step and then it's time to start working. If I don't set a time limit I waste a lot of time.  

3. Involve your Kids: This step can be really hard to do but it can also add a lot of fun memories to the occasion. Some of my son's favorite birthday memories are the little things I let him help me with like putting icing on the cake or teaching him how to blow up a balloon. 
4. Have Fun: Party planning may not be your thing, if that's the case keep it simple. If you are like me and start thinking about party ideas weeks in advance have fun but don't let all the planning and putting things together get in the way of having fun and enjoying the party.

For more party fun check out our Pintrest board.

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