Cleaning Blinds

Oh, how I dislike cleaning blinds!  I spent hours cleaning blinds in our bathtub this past month only to find that they still looked dirty.  I decided to try out a different method and found one that works!!! It took 1/4 of the time and the blinds looked much cleaner when I was through. I have never used a dry eraser on blinds before...it worked like a charm!!

This is what I did:
1- Lay blinds out extended on a flat surface
2- Take broom and dust blinds off
3- Dampen a Dry Eraser and wash blind slates (You can do about 3-4 slats at a time)
4- Dry with a towel or let air dry


  1. if you wipe them with a dryer sheet they stay cleaner longer- the dust doesn't stick to them as much!

  2. Gorgeous!! this is such a great post related with blind repair! thanks so much for sharing!

  3. My kitchen blinds have spots that are so hard to get off. I'll have to try this. Do you do this outside then?



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