Cut a Watermelon in Less Than 3 Minutes

We watched a chef cut a watermelon...it only took 1 min! I was so amazed that I had to share. Here is his technique...I have done it multiple times and it took less than 3 minutes!!

1- Lay the watermelon on a cutting board.

2- Cut both ends off the watermelon

3-Place the watermelon upright sitting on one of the cut ends

4- Cut green part off in 4 cuts

5- Cut corner of green part of in 4 more cuts

6-After 8 cuts the watermelon should be rim free

7- Slice watermelon about every half inch

8- Take slices and turn to side then repeat step 7

9-Take long sticks of watermelon and cut into cubs

10- Put Watermelon in bowl and enjoy

I hope this makes the job of cutting up watermelon a little easier and gives you more time to enjoy summer!

Here is a little printable to print off if you want to give this a try but aren't going to be by the computer. Happy Summer!! 

To print you have to options:
1-Simply right click on picture and save to computer then find where you saved it and print or to re-size open in a word document.
2- Click on picture below and it will put it into a document for you...all you have to do is click then push the print button.


  1. It takes me FOREVER to cut watermelon.I am excited to try this!

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  3. Fabulous! I hate cutting watermelon... thank you so much!

  4. Just a tip for lettuce:
    If you plan on using a lot of lettuce at once for a salad (left overs?), smash the stalk vertically on the bench. It will break it off of all of the leaves and you can pull it apart.
    Tada, lettuce ready for salad in 2 seconds.

  5. My sister does this with cantelope too! I was so impressed when I saw her do it. It's so easy!!



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