Alligator Cake

I made this Alligator cake for my daughters first birthday! I had a lot of fun making it and learned some things along the way:)

I found this picture online from cakes we bake and used it as my guide. They used fondant to decorate and colored it different colors for the spikes, bow and eyes. I did mine a little different.

Have you ever made cake balls? We make them all the time...they are so easy and yummy! I made my cake like a giant cake ball.

First I made 3 cakes, 1 chocolate and two vanilla sprinkle.

When the cakes cooled a bit I crumbled them up into little pieces using my hands. Then I mixed in a tub of frosting with the crumbs and molded the cake below.

The molding is what took the longest (about 4o min) I put detail into the molding and realized after that it didn't matter because it was going to be covered in frosting.
When I got done molding I covered the cake with a crumb layer of frosting to keep the crumbs in and then I put it into the fridge to cool for awhile.

I then colored some frosting green and covered the cake.

I made a cute pink bow out of 4 air heads.
I made marshmallow fondant for the white of the eyes and used junior mints for the black of the eyes...I like how they popped out a little bit.

Had I known fondant was so easy I would have done the whole cake in it. I used a simple recipe that stretched really well for the eyes. It's 1 tsp water melted with 1 cup of marshmallow and then mixed in with 1 cup powdered sugar...so easy!

I used green chocolate melting chips cut in half for the alligator spikes and made a little sign for the alligator to hold to show it was my daughters first birthday.

I liked making this cake because if I needed to re-mold something it was simple I just started over. When I use pans the cake seems to crumble in spots and I end up trying to repair spots...I am sure I just need more practice.

This cake was really dense so I would recommend small pieces with ice cream when serving.

I would also recommend covering the cardboard with parchment paper rather then using foil or paper...it doesn't absorb the oil and end up looking dirty. ( I used parchment paper for the base of this cake and it stayed clean through all the decorating!)


  1. If I had seen this a couple of months ago I would have made it for my daughters birthday party. It is way cute. With the step by step instructions I think even I could make it.

  2. It is adorable!! Very nice job! Thank you so much for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!

  3. This is truly adobrable. Oh, how I wish I was talented enough to do something like that.

  4. This is way cute! Lucky first birhtday =)

  5. Thanks so much for linking up this weekend @ CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party..Have a wonderful week!

  6. This alligator cake is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing! We are so glad you linked up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. We would love to have you back next Saturday and share more great ideas!!! -The Sisters



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