Little Einsteins

Have you ever seen any of the little einstein's movies? My little boy got the movie pictured below for Christmas and LOVES it! It is a cute show with 3 different episodes. Little einstein's visit a famous place in each of there episodes, talk about music and encourage watchers to get involved by doing simple things like clapping their hands. Anyway, I came into the room to find my little boy re-enacting an episode.

He had his blocks stacked (for the leaning tower of Pisa), his cowboy hat on and his little red train (for the wild wild west episode), and his plane (for rocket) and hit helicopter (for Big Jet). I thought it was so cute to see him doing this all on his own...I made him stop for a picture!

The other day we went on a walk around the block and he started walking really slow and looks up/ahead at me and says "Mom, we need to go adagio." I started laughing so hard I almost started to cry. As I was laughing he says "Okay, mom...now allegro!" If you haven't seen these episodes you would think I have a pretty weird kid but if you have it makes perfect sense. In every episode they fly in a rocket and refer to fast as Allegro, and slow as Adagio...they are music terms...they also play music from famous composers.

We have had a lot of fun with this movie, it's become a normal thing for my little guy to tell me to go Allegro when we are driving and to pretend like he has found different things to fulfill his pretend missions.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2012

    I have not seen the movie but we love the show!

  2. Anonymous2/28/2012

    So true! My daughter LOOOVES The Little Einsteins. The other day on the monitor, before her nap, I heard 'Now sing louder...Fortesimo!' lol Love it!



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