Making Music in the Kitchen!

 Who knew you could make music with so many different things? We had a ton of fun discovering ways to make our own music with common kitchen items.
We used hot coco and nut cans to make drums. My 2 year old loved this! It was fun for him to try out all of the different spoons, and utensils. Depending on the material of the utensil you hear different sounds.

Have you seen Miss Congeniality.? Remember when Gracie (Sandra Bullock) plays the water glasses for her talent in the pageant? That’s what inspired this activity. We filled up some of our glasses with water and made some music…well more like noise! ; )

and then……this little guy decided he was thirsty! ; )

Another thing we did was got some containers and filled them with different objects….rice, beans, cheerios and corn nuts! It was fun shaking these containers and listening to the different noises.

We also played with the music toys that we already have. This drum is from leap frog...as you hit the top, the alphabet lights up and it moves to a new letter with each hit!

A few other things that we did that I don't have pictures of:
-we turned on some tunes and danced our hearts out in the kitchen. I had no idea this little guy loved dancing so much and I have NO CLUE where he gets some of his moves. : ) (There is a reason I don't have pictures)
- we sang some of our favorite songs! The ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, The aunts go marching on, The duck song, the itsy bitsy spider and I Love You (a song my mom wrote and sang to me growing up).

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