Theme Week 10: CARS

This has been a busy week for our family. My little brother got married so we were very busy with wedding stuff. ; ) On top of that our car (Toyota Avalon) was hit. Our car was parked when it got hit and the guy who hit us was nice enough to tell us! Thank goodness his insurance took care of the repairs. ; ) The accident fit in perfect with this weeks theme though! CARS!!! ; ) It was really fun to teach my 2 year old about how our car was in the shop because it was broken and needed to be repaired. He reminded us each time we got in the rental car that OUR car was being fixed.
Here is a picture of the damage, the driver door wouldn't open...just in case you wanted to know.
We had the front door fully repaired and ended up keeping about $300 instead of repainting the back door.

We had a ton of fun playing with my son's new little people CAR set.

We also enjoyed this fun little race track. We made ours out of holiday ribbon tapped to the floor with masking tape. Then we added masking tape on the carpet to make a median. My boy loved being my BIG helper.

If you have left over ribbon like this then you could just add dashes and tape it down for some car fun!

We also gave all of our cars a good wash in the bathtub.

I'm pretty sure my sons favorite thing this week was waking up to find this sitting on the kitchen table. It was like Christmas all over again. : )
This was just car stuff that we already had around the house. It was fun for him to see it all together though. It's a gigantic cars book, the cars DVD, fruit snacks, and stickers! Have fun!

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