Hamburger and Hotdog Treats

We used to make these cute little treats with the neighbor kids when we would babysit and decided it was time to make them with our own kids. Aren't they cute?

Are boys loved them!

The hamburger is really simple!
You will need: 2 vanilla wafers, 1 grasshopper cookie, some coconut colored green, some vanilla frosting colored red and yellow and some sesame seeds and a little water.
1- To get the sesame seeds to stick to the wafer simply get your finger wet and run it over the top of one cookie, sprinkle a couple sesame seeds over the cookie and let dry.
2- Now sandwich the grasshopper cookie and coconut between the two vanilla wafers using the frosting to hold it all together!

These hot dogs are simple too! You will need: 1 circus peanut, 1 caramel and some vanilla frosting colored red and yellow.
1- Shape the caramel to look like a hot dog and cut the circus peanut in half.
2-Put the caramel in between the circus peanut pieces and top with red and yellow frosting!


  1. LOL - how adorable are these!!!! Thanks for sharing them at our Link It Up Thursday party.

  2. Totally looks like the real thing! Glad to have you at Things I’ve Done Thursday!


  3. So cute! I've never seen the hot dog! That is so creative! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We would love to have you back next Saturday and share more of your recipes and ideas! -The Sisters

  4. These are so creative!!! I don't have any kids (yet), but I still want to make them! I never would have thought of coconut for the lettuce :)



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