Rain gutter Bookshelfs

Have you seen the book shelves that are made from a rain gutter!?  I found a tutorial here and decided to give it a shot!  These are how mine turned out:

I just bought one rain gutter and cut it in half to make these!  The rain gutter itself was only about $6 but beware the end pieces and supports were $2-$3 each.  The entire project was just over $20.  My favorite part about making these was going to Lowe's for a date night with my hubby!  I purchased the rain gutter right as the store was closing and realized after the doors were locked that the uncut rain gutter was not going to fit in our car! ; )  We had some good laughs and made some fun memories and eventually ended up folding the rain gutter to make it fit in our car.  I was able to blow dry the fold out and reshape it when we got home.  Note to self:  make the cuts in the store next time, it makes transporting easier and saves you time later! ; )


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