Valentine Gift Ideas with Free Printables

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I made these tags for my husband.  Starting February 1st I gave him one each day leading up to Valentine's Day!  He totally loved it.  These are a few of his favorites so they are customized for him.  Feel free to use any of these ideas.  I hope they work for your loved one, If not I've added some blank tags at the bottom so you can make up your own!

Here are pictures of the finished project up close.  You can be creative and use the sayings to go with different goodies as well!

If you want to use these tags then go ahead!  I've done all the work, mine as well share! : ) Just copy them into a document and size to preference.  Print & Enjoy!  Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some blank tags, so you can customize your own!

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Church Quiet Book

I decided to take on the HUGE project of making a quiet book for each of my children for Christmas. This really was a big project and took a lot more time then I thought it would. They turned out really cute though and my kids love playing with them so I guess it was worth the effort.  Here is our church quiet book!! 

Hanging Laundry...Saturday is a Special Day
Inspiration: Pops & Podge

Mail...Letters to the Missionaries/Family
Inspiration/Template: Homemade by Jill

Build a Temple...I Love to See the Temple
Inspiration/Template: Camille's Casa

Fishers of Men
Inspiration: Shannon Makes Stuff

Word of Wisdom...Eat Healthy Food
Inspiration: My LDS Quiet Book

Jonah and the Whale
Inspiration: friends quiet book

Noah's Ark
Inspiration: friends quiet book, animals purchased from IKEA

Pocket for Extras
I rotate what goes in these pockets but my kids favorites are the lacing cards and "We Believe" Book.
I also added a 3 ring binder pencil holder to the back to hold the extra finger puppets for the Noah's ark page. I bought this at Wal-Mart for $1.

Simply Fresh Designs has these cute pages on there website, they are free. You simply add in your pictures, print them off and laminate them. 



Picture Tree

I love this little craft because it adds a lot of dimension to my decorating.What is it? 

 This is a block of wood covered with scrapbook paper. I drilled a hole in the top of the block and stuffed it with wire. I then curled the tops of the wire with pliers and put pictures through the curled wire.

Now its a picture tree!!



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