Swanky Prints Photography Backdrop Review

I am excited to introduce one of my favorite shops for photography backdrops...Swanky Prints.

Swanky Prints offers quality vinyl backdrops and is home to the reversible backdrop. I absolutely love the idea of reversible backdrops, not only does it eliminate having to store additional backdrops but it makes it easy to switch backdrops out during photo sessions.

These are just a few of my favorite backdrops...all are reversible!

I had the privilege of reviewing this reversible backdrop. 

Side 1

Side 2

I really liked the quality of vinyl used on these backdrops, it's very durable. I didn't have to worry about my clamps stretching or tearing the vinyl. If you are looking for a good quality backdrop I would recommend you take a look at their shop.  They offer a variety of sizes and have some really cute designs.

As a mommy photographer I have used blankets and fabrics many times for backdrops. They don't look professional and I feel like I am constantly fighting wrinkles and bunching.  These backdrops provide a very clean and crisp backdrop free of wrinkles.  They are also waterproof and glare free. The best part is they are affordable, great for professionals, hobbyists or moms wanting to capture special moments and milestones without paying a fortune. 

Swanky prints is offering 30% off to our readers, simply enter code MOMBLOG at checkout.

Also, be sure to follow Swanky Prints on Facebook to receive updates on future sales and promotions. 


Girls Quiet Book

I made my little girl this quiet book and wanted to share it here on the blog.

 This was a huge project and took a lot of work but my little girl loves it and plays with it all the time!

Button Flowers

Counting Ladder & Picnic Basket

Purse & Hair

Ice Cream & Monkeys in Bed

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

Painting & Zippers

Fruit Pizza

Mirror & I Spy 

Build a Snowman



Feather River Boutique Review

I am so excited to share a new found shop of mine here on the blog...Feather River Boutique!

This adorable shop offers so many cute photography props including: elegant headbands, cheesscloth infant wraps, newborn bonnets, jewelry and faux fur.  I absolutely love their adorable ruffled lace bloomers with matching headbands. I had the privilege of reviewing a pair. 

I had so much fun taking pictures of my baby! The bloomers fit perfectly...they were snug enough that I didn't have to worry about having to keep tucking the diaper in. 

I loved the detail in the headband, not only was it elegant and beautiful but it fit my baby perfectly.

The bloomer and headband sets come in many colors and are very elegant with the simplest detail crafted perfectly. 

Feather river boutique is offering 10% off to our readers for a limited time. Just enter code WLBM10 at checkout.

This is a shop worth checking out, you can visit by clicking here. 



Homemade Valentine Idea

This is my cute 4 year old!  He wanted Valentine's like this to hand our at preschool.  My cute sister in law made these for her son when he was 4 so we copied her!  Isn't it a cute idea!?

It's super easy to make these just take a picture like the one above.  Or get creative, maybe you want to be licking the sucker! ; )  We made a couple edits.  In ours I added his name, a valentines message and a heart boarder.  Then I sent the image to be printed as a 4x6 picture.  An hour later, I picked them up along with a bag of suckers.  We used a kitchen knife to make small slits above and below the hand and then slide the sucker into place.

Lets just say this little guy is excited to hand them out to his preschool class next week! ; )


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