5 Tips to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids

Holly and I (Heather) used to talk about starting our own photography business together. We really enjoy taking pictures and both find a lot of joy in capturing special moments of our friends and family. We have learned a lot about photography and wanted to share a few simple ways to improve the quality of the pictures you take of your kids.

1. Use natural light
Turn off the lights in your house and open the blinds. If you use natural light you will notice your pictures look less yellow and your kids look more like themselves. This will also help with a lot of the problems you may get with shadows in your photos.
FLUORESCENT LIGHT (light on in room, blinds closed) VS. NATURAL LIGHT (light off in room, blinds open)
2. Don't force a pose
All to often we pull out the camera with the perfect shot envision in our mind, we try so hard to capture the shot we've envisioned that we miss the real one.  If your kids don't want to pose how you envisioned them don't force it.  Let them laugh, move, be themselves and have fun capturing them as they are.

3. Get on their level
Get on your kids level, this will help you interact with them and help you capture a better looking photo of their faces rather then a birds eye view of them. 

4. Focus
Its so easy to grab the camera and take a quick shot and not even realize its blurry and unusable until months later when it's posted online or printed. Take an extra moment to focus in on your child's eyes. 

5. Watch your background 
Watch for clutter or distractions in the background, you want the child you are photographing to be your focus. Sometimes the background you create can be the distraction, keep it simple. 

I really like my adjustable photography background, it has helped me create a professional looking backdrop.  It folds up and fits into a small bag, I like this because I don't have to dedicate a large portion of space to photography but can set it up when and where I choose. I ordered my stand through YESCOMUSA and was pleased with the fast delivery time and quality product. 


November and December

It is already half way through November and we are excited to share some of the fun ways we preserve memories in our home...we will continue to share some of these ideas next year as we have both come to really enjoy this area of motherhood!

Back in January we started a series to help us focus on the many different roles we have as mothers, if you are interested we have included a little recap below:

In January our focus was on getting organized.  We shared some simple things that we have done to organize our homes and also some fun ideas we have organized like mommy and me field trip groups and busy bag swaps.

In February our focus was on ways that we can show love to those we care about.  We shared our basket of sunshine post, a few of our favorite Valentines' Recipes, and Valentines Printables and had a great Giveaway for a nights stay at Anniversary Inn. 

In March we focused on our roles as nurse and physical trainer.  Heather announced her pregnancy and shared some pregnancy posts including Gender Revel Ideas, Fun Ways to Document Pregnancy, and Announce Pregnancy along with some things to remember when Eating for Two, and some Pregnancy Stretches. We also shared some tips and tricks that have helped us in our journey as mothers including: Teething Tips, Ways to Drink More Water, and Hygiene Day.

In April we focused on party planning. We shared some Party Planning Tips,  Birthday Party Theme Ideas and some of our Birthday Traditions. We also shared a tutorial on how to make Cake Pops and one of our new favorite recipes Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats.

In May our focus was on our role as entertainers.  We shared our theme day If you give a Moose a Muffin.  Some of our other favorite posts are: Fun with Play Dough, 10 home made play dough recipes, and Make a volcano!

In June our focus was on our roles as chauffeur. We shared 5 tips to minimize the scramble when trying to get out the door with children.

In July our focus was on our roles as maid...we focused on cleaning our homes and ways to help our children embrace household responsibilities.  We shared age appropriate jobs for children, a trick we do- how to refill used swifter wet jet bottles. We also shared a responsibility chart printable.

In August we shared some posts on ways to prepare ourselves and family for an emergency. We prepared our 72 Hour kits.

In September we focused on making our house a home.  We shared our rain gutter bookshelves.

In October we focused on our role as cook/chef. We  shared how we plan our meals and a dinner menu printable! We also shared some of our favorite recipes.

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